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12 tips for better photos

Photography Tips – These tips will make your photos even better! Now discover all the tips and tricks on CHRISTINA KEY – the photography, blogger tips, fashion, food and lifestyle blog from Berlin Source by kaiser1061

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Which Jung Archetype Best Describes You?

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist and philosopher, believed that we all channel unconscious archetypes that deeply effect our behavior. We find these archetypes in myths, fairy tales, and even within ourselves! Are you the explorer or the hero? Maybe even the rebel? Source by langlyco

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17 Bubbles

It is not possible to see the details if you don’t take snaps of the soap bubbles. Today I want to share some snaps of beautiful bubbles with you. Enjoy Our Worlds Beautiful Bubble Collection. Don't forget to share with your friends! and they will love it! Source by sydneyyddee

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